"We're really grateful for how you've helped us and been commited to our children during these difficult times
- so thank you!"

September 2020


"I wouldn't send my children anywhere else, they are so happy here and have made amazing progress!"

March 2020


"The cleaning standards here
are so high - you have made me feel much safer about COVID-19 and I feel confident to leave my son with you."

September 2020


"We could not be happier that we found you. He absolutely loves coming to Playgroup!"

July 2019


"All four of you are truly amazing. You have all helped my daughter grow into the amazing little girl she is today."

July 2019


"I look forward to coming to JAK's all the time and it makes me so happy!"

July 2018


"You're nothing less than outstanding in my eyes, I love what you all do for our children."

February 2017


"I was so excited to receive and look forward to reading my child's adventure book!"

July 2016

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